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The Shining Beacon
Black hair falling past her shoulders as she knelt down in front of the amplifier, Blake plugged her bass into the input jack and turned the volume up to her desired volume.  Blake flipped the switch and adjusted the knobs on her instrument and clicked the play button on her laptop, starting the song.
We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment,
We are choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside
This holy reality, this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion.
Alive, I
In this holy reality, in this holy experience. Choosing to be here in
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in
This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal
All this pain is an illusion.

Fingers drifted smoothly across the strings as Blake played the song she had most recently learned. &
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 3 3
Persona: Darkest Shadows chapter 1
    “Are you sure you want to go to Iwatodai, Akiko?” my mother asked for the final time as I packed my last bag.  “It just won't be the same without you.”
    I sighed as I latched the suitcase together.  I really didn't want to leave mom and dad, but I needed to get out of Tokyo.  All the times I'd been to Iwatodai to visit relatives, I was in awe of how much more calm it was than the busy streets of my hometown.  I wanted quiet, peace.  Tokyo didn't offer that.  “I'm sure, mom,” I said, turning around to hug her.  “I'll be fine and call you every day.  And I'll come home during my breaks.”
    “If you're sure about this,” she said, returning the hug.  “I want you to be happy.” A tear fell from her eye onto her burn-scarred cheek.  She promptly wiped it away.  “You'd better be going or you'll miss your train.”
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 3 35
Re:Shattered Hearts chapter 3
    Axel and I traveled together for a couple of days, getting to know each other better and earning a mutual trust.  And actually, he made me seriously reconsider joining the Organization.  We reached a crossroads and the time had finally come for us to part ways.  “It was nice meeting you John, but I have a bit of business to take care of on The World That Never Was,” he said.  “If you take this road, you'll end up at a place called Hollow Bastion.  It's the remnants of my homeworld, but I'm sure it has started reforming by now.”
    “I'll see you again sometime, Axel,” I said.  We shook hands one more time before he continued down the opposite road as me.
    Eventually, I found myself at a large castle, which I only assumed was the Hollow Bastion that Axel was talking about.  With no clear entrance from where I stood, I decided to open a Corridor of Darkness to inside the castle.
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 4 7
Immortal Hearts: Black Hole chapter 2
   As soon as grandpa decided I was alright on my own, I darted upstairs to my room, slamming the door shut and locking it.  It wouldn't stop my family if they really wanted to get in, but I didn't care.  “Dad, get out of my head!” my thoughts screamed.  I knew he could hear me.  I jumped onto my bed, biting a pillow to muffle my screams.  Every vampire within a five-mile radius could probably hear me.  I didn't care, though.  My heart was broken.  My life was broken.  I screamed into the pillow until my voice gave out.  My eyes burned, every tear in my eyes drained.  I cried until it hurt.  Part of me wished Vladimir and Stefan had been just a minute slower.  I'd have been dead and not feeling this immense pain.  
    An entire future, gone in the split second it took for Aro to decapitate Jacob.  The smell of his blood in the air, the sick, ripping sound his flesh made, his spin
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 1 4
Immortal Hearts: Black Hole chapter 1
    Eternity, that's what I had to look forward to from the moment of my conception.  I would have been lying if I said being a half-human, half-vampire immortal was easy, but my wonderful family made this life so much more bearable.  
    “Renesmee, time to get ready for school,” mom said.  I shuffled out of my bed and felt the cold floor under my feet.  After a long yawn, I darted at an inhuman speed to my bathroom, taking my shower, brushing my teeth, and getting dressed all in a matter of minutes.  I rushed to the kitchen to eat breakfast.  “Wow, Nessie, you really need to slow down if you're going to pass off as completely human.”
    “I know, I know,” I said.  I sat down at the table and dug into my food.  “After school, I'm going down to the reservation to see Jake.”
    “Alright,” mom said.  She sat down and watched me eat, not needing
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 2 0
John Tumblr Profile by Kutlessrocker John Tumblr Profile :iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 6 9
Re:Shattered Hearts Chapter 2
     I stayed with Kairi and Keiori for a few days, practicing my new Dark powers during the day on the beach.  It was there that I learned of a few new abilities I possessed, including the ability to create Dark Corridors to any location I pleased.  I managed to make one connecting the beach to Kairi's house.  I found the power to be quite interesting.
     The day finally came for me to leave.  Kairi, Keiori, and I walked to the beach and I opened a corridor to a random location.  "John, are you sure you want to leave now?  You can stay as long as you want," Kairi said.
     "I just feel it's time for me to search for answers," I said.  I looked out to the sea.  I knew as soon as I left that I'd miss the island.  It was so beautiful and Kairi and Keiori had been so hospitable.  "If I find Riku and your other fri
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 4 12
PC for CMSully: Friends in my Heart
     I rowed my boat to the play island to meet Riku and Kairi.  It was going to be the first time we hung out together since killing Xemnas and I was so excited to be with them.  I tied the boat to the dock and jumped down to the sand.  I didn't see either of them immediately, but then my eyes caught sight of Kairi's long, red hair blowing in the wind.  She was on the smaller island with the Paopu tree.  I ran as fast as I could to her, sand kicking up from behind me.  I missed the feeling of sand underneath me while we were traveling the worlds.  
     I made it to the shack and ran up the stairs to the bridge that led to the island.  I could see Kairi better now that I was closer.  She was sitting down and facing the open sea.  Her legs were crossed and her arms were stretched out loosely, hands resting on her knees.  I walke
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 5 5
Re:Shattered Hearts Chapter 1
     The alarm clock sounded that morning, signaling another day at school.  I rolled out of the bed, landing flat on my face and lying there for a bit before shuffling my way to the bathroom to take my shower and get ready.  I combed my short, red hair and brushed my teeth.  I sighed as I said my final goodbyes to that comfortable bed.  I dressed and hurried downstairs.
     "John, breakfast is ready," mom said as I walked through the kitchen.  All my life, it had just been us.  Sure, she'd had boyfriends, but my father left when I was just a kid.  "Hey, after school today, can you run to the store and pick up a few groceries?  I'm going to be really late."
     "Sure thing, mom," I said.
     I finished my breakfast and gathered the last of my supplies for my classes.  I grabbed my keys and drove
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 3 19
Race of Dreams Round 2
     "Ok Crystal, the competition is going to be fierce," John said as we made sure I had everything I needed before I left to meet with the Virtue Groups.  "Just keep your head clear, remember you can form teams, and don't get killed."
     "Killed?  I thought that was against the rules," I said, shocked.
     "Accidents can happen," he said.  "Someone might use a little too much force in the fighting rounds.  But then again we have the Revival Team on standby in case anything happens."
     I wasn't sure if that was supposed to make me feel better or worse.  But I shook it off, hugged John, and stepped through the Corridor of Darkness to my destination.  The tunnel was dark and I had to trust that the portal was going to take me to the right place, but the Darkness didn't really bother me.  I felt so comfortable, emb
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 7 6
Please Don't Leave Me: Jexil
     I woke up beside Lexil, the same as every day since we decided to move in together.  For the past few years, our relationship had evolved from best friends, to friends with benefits, to a full romantic relationship.  Ours was quite the bizarre relation, I admit.  But I truly loved her more than anything.  Getting her to admit her feelings, however, was almost impossible.  I knew how she felt about me, she wouldn't have been here otherwise, but I still longed to hear her say she loved me.  
     I moved from my spot in the bed to get dressed, trying hard not to wake the beauty beside me.  I was unsuccessful, though.  Lexil stirred awake, her electric green eyes fluttering open slowly.  She yawned.  "Morning, Johnny-boy," she said drowsily.  
     "Morning beautiful," I said.  I leaned over
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 4 11
Mature content
One Drunken Night: JohnxLexil :iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 3 10
Bullet for Prisoner Chapter 1
     I stood at the back of a dead end alley, pistol in hand with a single bullet in the chamber, ready to end my miserable existence in a place where no one would find my body for a while.  A fitting end for a murderer like me, I guess.  The events that led me to that rock-bottom all could have been avoided, though, if I'd only met her under different circumstances.
     "Megurine, your next target is a young woman," my boss said in a very business-like manner.  In my business, human lives were just another payday.  "Her name is Hatsune Miku and she is the daughter of a politician residing in Tokyo.  Our client wants her dead in hopes that it will cause her father to drop out of the upcoming election."
     "And this is where I come in?" I asked.  In the back of my mind, I thought it was pretty extreme just to make a man drop out of an election, but al
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 3 4
Kingdom Hearts 3: Endgame chapter 3
     I woke up that next morning to the sound of Sora snoring in the bed next to mine.  I turned around and looked at him.  I smiled as I saw how sweet he looked, the way his nose twitched, the true form of that spikey hair when he didn't have gel in it.  It fell down to his shoulders, a lot longer than I thought it was.  The sun shined through the window onto his face.  The more I stared at Sora, the more I realized exactly how much I loved him.  'Why can't I just say it?' I thought.  'Sora, I love you.'  It was so easy to say when I thought I was going to die the day before.  He knew me better than anyone else, maybe even a little more than Riku, so maybe he knew how I was feeling?  Then again, Sora was as clueless about this kind of thing as a child.  His innocence reminded me of how I was before all of this.  Even being a Princess of Heart
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 5 21
Race of Dreams: Crystal's Prologue part 2
     John and I exited the Corridor of Darkness just outside Disney Castle.  There was a tall, dog-like man standing at the door.  "A-hyuck, got an invitation?" he asked John.
     "Right here, Goofy," he said.  "This is my guest, Crystal.  Crystal, meet Goofy.  He's the one who traveled the worlds with Sora."
     "Nice to meet you, Goofy," I said.  He held his hand out to shake mine.
     "Pleasure, ma'am," he said.  "Have fun at the party.  But to warn you, Daisy and Minnie went over-the-top with the decorations."
     "I'll keep that in mind, Goofy," John said, laughing as we walked past Goofy.
     We entered the castle ballroom and saw all the banners and the people dressed in formal clothes.  The biggest one said, "Congratulations to Keiori, K
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 6 14
Race of Dreams: Crystal's Prologue Part 1
     I woke up gasping, my head throbbing as I slowly opened my eyes.  I was inside some bizarre room.  The walls were green and there were stars and moons all over the place.  Many spell books littered the desks and floor.  I knew I was in some sort of wizard's study, and I knew I had to get out of there before he came back.  I stood up and headed to the door, but that's when it hit me.
     I was in my own body.
     For twenty years, I'd been stuck inside Kairi, but now I was free?  "How is this possible?" I asked myself.  I searched for a mirror around the room and saw my reflection.  I didn't look any different than I had before.  My hair was still blonde, my eyes gold, and I was even wearing the same blue tank top and jeans I had been wearing when I transformed.  Albeit they were in better condition than I r
:iconkutlessrocker:Kutlessrocker 6 8


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Kutlessrocker has started a donation pool!
240 / 3,000
Ok, so I decided to open fanfic commissions while I have writer's block for my current stories. I need some fresh ideas to do, so I thought "why not?" lol. I'm hoping to be relatively cheap about this. So, here's the deal:


Kingdom Hearts
Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis
Devil May Cry
Fullmetal Alchemist
Death Note
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XIII, or Dissidia
Teen Titans (tv series)
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War series
Star Wars (prequel series, original series, or anything in between.)

I will do nearly every hetero pairing in those series, but no yaoi/yuri/incest. Not really my thing. I do some pairings better than others. Like RokuShi in KH for instance. No graphic sex scenes. I'll have it implied that they had sex, but not much more. I'll do plenty of blood and gore for the horror genres or action genre. You really can't get around doing that for the Bleach and God of War fandoms, though lol.

Each chapter will be seven Microsoft Word pages at 12 font. I'll do up to three chapters per fanfic. Now for pricing:

1 chapter-90 points
2 chapters-100 points
3 chapters-110 points
OC-add 5 points to final price for the effort of trying to write for the unfamiliar character. Let me know if you want me to include any of my OCs as well. Heck, I'll even do OCxCanon pairings as long as they're hetero and/or make sense.

Here's some links to stories that display my current writing styles.…………

Hopefully, those will give you a good idea of what I'm currently capable of. I'm opening three slots for the moment. Note me with the details, and we'll talk about it. Don't pay me until we're finished discussing and have done the proverbial "final handshake", though. This is first come, first serve. No preferential treatment at all. Though, I will admit that you'll probably get the best results from the Kingdom Hearts, Bleach, or Stargate fandoms. Those are the ones I'm most familiar with.

Slot 1: Available
Slot 2: :iconcmsully:
Slot 3: :iconvichan91312:

P.S. The goal in the donation pool is a random number lol. My only goal is however many commissions I do.

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Josh Adams
United States
My name is Josh Adams. I'm 21 and I'm from West Virginia, but currently living in Virginia. I moved a few weeks ago because...well, if you lived where I lived, you'd want to get out as soon as possible lol. Anyway, I mostly write Kingdom Hearts fanfiction and do illustrations of my characters using bases. I'll probably be opening fanfic commissions after the holidays, but right now I'm extremely busy with that lol. My absolute favorite show is Bleach, favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts, and my favorite books are the Percy Jackson series. I'm almost always on deviantart, and when I'm not, I'm on My url is That's about all I can think of to put on here, so see ya XD.

Current Residence: Virginia
Favourite genre of music: Progressive Metal
Operating System: I'm a Windows guy.
MP3 player of choice: My iPod Touch has been pretty good.
Favourite cartoon character: Uryuu Minene from Mirai Nikki
Personal Quote: "All worlds begin in Darkness, and all so end..." Ansem: Seeker of Darkness
  • Reading: Bad Moon Rising: Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Watching: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Playing: Total War: Rome
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper
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